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Fratelli is an Artisan Pasta Bar, which embraces its seaside setting through its quaint charm, simple cuisine, and laid-back atmosphere. 

Given his recent success as Mastro Pizzaiolo of Amalfitana, Head Chef Michel Degli Agosti is looking to spread his wings further and dive deeper into his roots along with Chef Pradip Malbul. 

Serving a menu centred around pasta along with antipasti and trattoria fare, Fratelli brings the favourite food of Italy to The Pulse. Drawing inspiration from Nona’s recipes, the food is creatively simple and delicious. Fratelli will cater to guests during all times of the day with food and drink alike - salads, antipasti and pasta, along with grilled items on the menu make for a meal that can be as light or heavy as one desires. A selection of wines and Vermouth cocktails are available all day

Monday to Sunday 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM

2887 0082

L1, 112B